New to Swim Lessons? What to Expect at FINS

You’ve taken the plunge and signed up for swim lessons for your child. The problem is, you’ve never taken swim lessons before – or it’s been so long that you don’t remember much about it. What do you need to know before you head out to the first of your infant swim lessons? Read on to find out what to expect at FINS swim school.

What should I bring? If you’re taking parent and baby swim classes, you’ll need to be in the pool with your child. Make sure to bring: A comfortable, but sturdy bathing suit that will sustain a lot of movement and baby-holding A lined, non-disposable swim diaper for your child if they are not yet reliably potty trained A disposable swim diaper such as Huggies, Little Swimmers or Pampers Little Splashers A change of clothes for you and your baby, and a clean, dry diaper for after the lesson At least two towels for you and your baby

How early should I arrive? For the first lesson, arrive about 15 minutes before your lesson in order to have enough time to dress and prepare for the class. It’s no fun being in a rush and trying to put on a swim suit! If you’re getting in the pool, take a brief shower prior to entering the pool. You’ll want to be ready for lessons and in the pool area with about 10 minutes to spare so you and your child can see other baby swimming lessons. This will help you see how things go as your baby can sense your anxiety if you are rushed or uncertain. For future lessons, you may not need to arrive as early.

Do I need to meet the instructor beforehand? Because you’ll be in the water at your baby swimming classes, there’s no need to spend a lot of time with your instructor before class starts. You’ll get a chance to become well acquainted during the class. If your child is older you can plan to introduce yourself before or after class.

What happens during the class? Infant swim lessons are designed to be fun! You’ll sing songs, move through the water, and focus on bonding and meeting others. The instructor for the newborn swimming classes will introduce some basic water skills like blowing bubbles, floating on their back, going underwater, and using the wall for support. The skills they learn now will be incorporated into more advanced swim lessons. If your child is uncomfortable, your instructor will help work with you to ease them into the lesson. If you’re just observing, take this time to relax and enjoy watching your little one learning a new skill!

What if I have to miss a class? We understand things come up. Let the school know ahead of time if you won’t be able to attend your regularly scheduled baby swimming lesson. Each student is granted 1 free make-up class per month for a missed lesson. Our complete makeup policy is available in our FAQs sheet.

Starting a new activity like mommy and me swim classes can be a little stressful when you haven’t done so before. After just one or two baby swimming lessons, though, you and your child will be familiar with the routine and will be enjoying the water together. Have questions? Just ask – we’re happy to help! Download our FAQ sheet or contact us for more information about our swimming lessons!