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Private Lesson Bundles 2 Years 6 months Old - 12 Years Old Contact your preferred location to ask about available teachers for these special packages of 1 on 1 private lessons. These lessons are offered in all of our levels in the Learn to Swim (LTS) program which are Red, Aqua, Yellow, White, Blue and Silver FINS.
  • Lessons are bundled into 8 classes over a two-week period
  • Individual Price per Lesson is $39 per 20 minute private when booked in a session
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2019 Fall Sessions All Ages Private and Group Lessons Available
September 16th through October 25th
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  • Private (1:1) Sessions available for Baby FINS, Red FINS, Angel FINS, Aqua FINS, and Yellow FINS- $384
  • Group Sessions available for White FINS, Blue FINS, Silver FINS, and Gold FINS- $264
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