Swimming is FUN!

Learning to swim when you are young is like riding a bike – it’s a rite of passage. There are many benefits of swimming, not the very least being that it’s FUN! Some children would say that swimming is like flying through water, others love the ebb and flow of the waves in a large lake, yet others just find the whole experience to be exciting and enjoyable. Imagination abounds in the form of mermaids, play shark attacks, and diving games. Swimming also has important benefits for social, emotional, and physical health. Read on to find out the top 3 benefits of swimming and why it’s so much fun!

Social Benefits of Swimming Swimming at the pool with a group of peers will make swimming that much more fun, because your child will share their experiences with others their age, which will have a positive impact on their social health and well-being. During swimming lessons children get to be in a small group with a caring instructor sharing their experiences together, while parents get some time to observe. For infant swim lessons, parents and infants swim together and experience the joys of being in the water, maybe for the first time. Watching the interactions with others, while splashing and having fun, shows infants and kids that they can learn a skill and have a blast at the same time.

Emotional Benefits of Swimming The emotional benefits of swimming are not as well-known; the sea of our emotions is complex indeed. It’s clear that time in the water can be calming and therapeutic for children and adults alike. In a literal sense, water cleanses and clears away debris that is stagnant and stuck. When we apply this same theory to our emotions we experience the same phenomenon. Water is meant to cool, cleanse, and heal our emotions, and kids are no exception to the wonderful experiences in water. Emotional confidence can be gained with learning to swim as well. If your child is nervous or anxious about starting to swim, check out these fun swimming books for kids.

Physical Benefits of Swimming The physical benefits of swimming are more studied and well known. When children swim in a pool, lake, pond, or ocean, their brains release chemicals called endorphins that are designed to make us feel happy. Swimming also builds cardiovascular endurance, keeping those little hearts healthy. Getting physical exercise and having fun at the same time? You must be swimming! Swimming also builds muscle, burns calories, and invigorates our bodies.
Swimming is fun for children and it has so many benefits. Learning to swim is great for the body, mind, and spirit. It doesn’t take an expert to see why swimming is so much fun. When in doubt, watch your favorite swimming character, whether it’s Nemo, Mr. Limpet, Ariel, or SpongeBob Squarepants, and you’ll see right away why the water life is the fun life. For more information about our swimming lessons, contact us today!